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Villa Sesari

Why have to stay so far from all the best offer of Seminyak, Villa Sesari will bring your holiday season in Bali stay close to the most favorite spot of Seminyak. Pass through Balinese antique gates before you can reach the...

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Villa Amira

Are you need to stay close to the most favorite spot for nightlife in Seminyak? The answer for the spot will be Legian and Villa Amira will be the best choices for it. Secluded 4 bedroom accommodation, yet so close to reach...

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Villa Clochette

Nothing can be more reasonable in Seminyak beside Villa Clochette rental rate. Most of the furniture to fulfill your need of modern accommodation, while the design keep the touch of Balinese style alive. Nothing can be more fun...

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Villa Teratai Putih

Need villas with modern design and private pool included? Villa Teratai Putih have 2 unit villas that each have 3 bedroom. Located in the new emerging area of Seminyak, Petitenget area that have new or already famous restaurant...

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Villa Noa

There is no argument about sense of privacy, Villa Noa bring all the resort detail with your home private ambiance. Located in central area of Seminyak, Villa Noa bring you a step closer to cuisine choices of laksmana street....

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Villa Nilaya

Make your holiday as simple as privacy that remind me of my own home after arrive with WestJet, Villa Nilaya offer you more than just privacy. Villa Nilaya offer you privacy inside the private estate with 4 comfortable bedroom to ...

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Villa Vie

Find the most great adventure or the most relaxing activities in Bali, is all up to your mood. Villa Vie will guarantee you for the most calm and private 5 comfortable bedroom in Batu Belig area, Seminyak. Need to visit a few...

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Villa Canthy

Your visit might only last a few days or weeks but the story will last till your next year visit, Villa Canthy offers more than just 2 bedroom accommodation. Villa Canthyis places to share the best part of quality services and...

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Villa Chocolat 6br

After succeed with 5 bedroom Seminyak villas, Villa Chocolat now come to offer you extra bedroom in 6 bedroom villas. Special design for family that need spacious estate in Seminyak, or Villa Chocolat also suitable for friends...

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Villa Damai Lestari

In the mood for have your own private accommodation ? Villa Damai Lestari in Seminyak offer you 2 bedroom private estate. Have your private accommodation close to several famous name restaurant at Drupadi street or other street...

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Villa Elly

Villa Elly bring this holiday season become more calm with easy access to several favorite spot in Seminyak. The center stage of Villa Elly fill with 3 area with different use and facilities. Living area with open space and view...

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Villa Melati

Completing and preparing everything for holiday is now become easier, with a few clicks you can book Villa Melati for your holiday in Bali. Do you need private touch accommodation, which located close to Drupadi street, with 3...

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Villa E 3

After give you an change of spending time in Bali with 2 bedroom affordable Seminyak villa for rent, Villa E come with another offer with bigger space. Located close to several favorite restaurants, or you can just drive to the...

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Villa The Cahaya

Why have to change the privacy set for this holiday season, Villa The Cahaya come to offer you three and four comfortable bedroom for rent in Seminyak. You can reach Cafe Moka, or Bali Buddha restaurant within 10 minute drive...

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Villa Manis

For you that seek private territory during holiday in Bali, especially during your visit in Seminyak area. Villa Manis come with answer for the need, with 3 comfortable bedroom inside 600 meter private zone for your family or...

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Villa S3

Combining the perfect essence of holiday in Bali, Villa S3 come to offer you modern leisure villa in Seminyak. Feel the holiday trip in Seminyak become more private with Villa S3. Villa S3 offering couple that seek romantic...

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Villa Mona

villa Mona is one of accommodation that branded with luxury emblem of Seminyak villa. With strategic location, Villa Mona is perfect for you that love the local beach of Seminyak. Villa Mona also close to local restaurant that...

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Villa Ke Bali

Villa Ke Bali establish in Seminyak Central area, from here you can reach easier to local beach and restaurants. More then just accommodation, Villa Ke Bali will refresh your holiday in Seminyak with sense of privacy that only...

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Villa Diana

Villa Diana will give you more then one reason for having holiday with all the luxury facilities. Beside the inside spoil and luxury, Villa Diana offer you great location that you will be easy to reach what you need from...

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Villa Alleira

Villa Alleira ready to provide you with more space for your accommodation in Seminyak. Villa Alleira is a place you will call home in Seminyak, with 4 comfortable bedroom. Villa Alleira located at Laksmana street, where all the...

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